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Golden Valley, North Dakota

Board of Equalization

Approval of all assessed values of all taxable property. Meet in May of each year.


City Governing Body

The governing body of the City of Golden Valley consists of a mayor and four city council members.  The mayor is the chief executive of the city and serves a four year term in office.  The city council members are elected at large and serve a four year term in office. 

Mayor and City Council- 4 years - City election at large


Kenton Richau - Mayor


Rodney Brecht - City Councilor


Kyle Lukenbach - City Councilor

Shannon McKay - City Councilor


Curt Schank - City Councilor


Appointed Officers

Heidi Moos - City Auditor


Darlene Brecht - Assessor's Data Collector

City Ordianances

Minutes from past city council meetings.

Title VI Information

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